Baba Ganoush

I found this recipe in Vegan: Over 90 Mouthwatering Recipes for All Occasions by Tony Weston and Yvonne Bishop.  It was pretty darn tasty except… well, not enough garlic for my taste.  Next time I make it (and there will be a next time because it’s so darn easy to make), I will probably (at least) double the amount of garlic.  Gotta keep those vampires away, you know!

2 eggplants
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 garlic clove, chopped
Juice of ½ lime
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon vegan yogurt or Vegenaise
2.5 teaspoons tahini
1 teaspoon ground cumin

Preheat the oven to 400°F.  Halve the eggplants lengthwise, brush the cut side with olive oil and bake for about 30 minutes, until soft.

Scoop out the flesh of the eggplants, transfer it to a food processor or blender (I used my immersion blender, and it worked great), then add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.  Transfer the mixture to a serving bowl, cover and chill until needed.

Just before serving, dust the purée with smoked paprika and garnish with olives and slices of lime (if you want it to look pretty; I didn’t bother).  Serve with warm pita bread or oatcakes, and a selection of crudités for dipping.

The recipe for oatcakes is also in this book, and I don’t know what the heck crudités are.  Oh wait… Google can help with that.  Be right back…  Are you kidding me?  You can’t just say “sliced veggies”?  You have to get all fancy schmancy and say “crudités”?  Good grief.  Well, the baba ganoush is worth the snobby language.

3 Responses to “Baba Ganoush”

  1. March 8th, 2011 | 10:15 pm

    I love baba ghanouj. I would probably be adding 3 or 4 large cloves if I was using 2 large eggplants. If you roast the garlic first you can actually go a little heavier as you lose the bitterness that raw garlic can have.

  2. Kelly
    March 9th, 2011 | 7:42 am

    Great idea… except that when I roast garlic, I’m not sure I could get it from the oven to the bowl without losing half of it to my stomach. LOL Ok, so I roast about 6 cloves to get *maybe* 4 for my recipe. Seems fair.

  3. March 9th, 2011 | 11:54 pm


    I can’t say I blame you …. roasted garlic is fabulous!