Ok, I Need Some Advice

I haven’t posted in forever, and I haven’t mentioned fibromyalgia in even longer… but this fibromyalgia bullshit is really starting to get me down.  I feel tired a lot, but hey… at least I’m not falling asleep at my desk anymore!  It’s the pain that I’m having a hard time with these days.  Winter sure isn’t helping.  Stress… well, no, that doesn’t help either.  So, yeah… pain.

Some days, it’s just an achy sort of all-over discomfort.  Those are actually good days.  Some days, it’s achyness plus a few places of stab-stab-let-me-make-you-cry hurting bits.

Remember back in the My Trip to the Doctor post where I talked about new pain meds and something to help me sleep?  Yeah.  Big bust there.  The pain med made me puke and the sleep med didn’t do any better than the over-the-counter stuff.  Fortunately, at my next appointment, I got a script for Darvocet, which turned out to be a life saver.  Or a sanity saver.  Well, let’s just say it kept enough of the pain at bay that I felt almost like a normal person.

But last month when I went to get my prescription filled, the pharmacist informed me that Darvocet had been taken off the market.  I cried right there in the pharmacy, and I think I may have scared the pharmacist.  I have spent the ensuing month in constant pain, and cursing the inky black souls of those god-forsaken FDA morons to the most painful level of hell.  Also, I wished for each of them to have a month of this pain all for themselves.  One of my buddies who also has fibro thought perhaps a year of suffering would be even better.  But you know what?  I think the nice Franciscans I work with have been rubbing off on me… I figure a month ought to be enough to teach them a lesson.

My doctor has nothing more he can do for me.  Oh, he gave me a prescription for Lidoderm, which isn’t terribly useful.  Sure it knocks out some of the pain where I apply the patch.  But there are a couple of problems with it… first, I can only apply three at any one time; second, I have to take it off after 12 hours and leave it off for another 12 hours.  So, here I have something that will only affect some of the pain (it kind of helps on the hip, but does squat for the neck and shoulder), some of the time.

I need to take something for this pain.  Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, Motrin don’t do much for the pain and now they seem to be messing with my liver.  Since the  fucking FDA (may the fleas of a thousand camels infest their nether regions) took Darvocet off the market, my only options are the over-the-counter drugs.  That fuck up my liver.  All the other pain relievers make me puke my guts out.

I’ll tell ya one thing that works… alcohol.  But that’s frowned upon at work… plus that’s not going to be great for my liver either.  Or anything else… I saw what it did to my mother.  Boy howdy, for a 50 year old woman, she sure looked like an 80 year old refugee from a concentration camp.  So… no.

One good thing that did come out of the last trip to the doc was a prescription for diazepam (Valium aka My Friend Pam) to help me sleep.  I think it’s actually working.  For the first time in months, I feel like I’m actually getting into the deeper sleep level.  Before, it was just really light sleep (every little thing woke me up, from butterfly wings in Japan to the Spousal Unit tossing and turning and snoring).  I was getting REM sleep and dreaming, so at least I wasn’t becoming a total mental patient.  But now I’m waking up feeling like I actually SLEPT.  Oh yay.  Of course, the downside of this appointment was that my thyroid kind of stopped working, which explains the increasing fatigue and inability to lose weight despite being on a very healthy diet.

But back to the pain.  Here’s where you come in.  I need to know if there is anything that can stop the puking if I take the hydrocodone or tramadol or whatever else my doc can think of.  Empty stomach, full stomach, with food, with plenty of liquids… none of that helps.  Maybe I’m eating the wrong foods (veggies, bread, beans… all these have been tried) or drinking the wrong beverages (usually water or tea).  Thanks for the marijuana recommendation, but that gives me migraines (not that I’ve tried it in pill form; I don’t know what that would do).  I’m just a barrel of broken here, and I’m pretty tired of it.  There has got to be SOMETHING that will stop my body from hurting, while at the same time not cause me to puke.  (I’d drive up to Montreal and buy me a case of Darvocet if I didn’t think the border patrol would keep it for themselves.  And look, I’m still cursing out the FDA.  Fuckers.)

And since the Internet is awesome, maybe the Internet can help.

4 Responses to “Ok, I Need Some Advice”

  1. January 21st, 2011 | 10:19 pm

    Have you tried Reiki? I think I mentioned acupuncture before but I think the needle thing was too much to handle.
    .-= kicknknit´s last blog … It’s a foot thing =-.

  2. Jennyjinx
    January 21st, 2011 | 10:32 pm

    It’s been a while, huh? Did I tell you I deleted (albeit temporarily) my FB? I couldn’t stand it anymore and it was easier to delete the account than to go through and remove all the people that just drove me batty. Ha!

    Anyway, I have no advise regarding the pain management. I take vicodin and tramadol, but they don’t really help much. Just take the edge off. I stopped taking both for a while, just in one of my fits of rebellion, and realized they help more than not taking them. Meh.

    I’ve been in a flare for 4 weeks now. Miserable, horrible, disgusting and exhausting. I sit down to watch t.v. and it’s zzzz. Of course, it’s only zzzzz for a few minutes at a time, but still. I swear to all that’s good and holy, I was knitting and fell asleep mid-stitch. Who the hell does that? Why fibromites, of course! I have to keep moving and, well, that’s incredibly painful as you well know.

    I wish I could help you, sister. Really. I hate that you’re suffering like me. I hate that anyone is suffering like me (though I do wish this on quite a few people. That probably makes for some bad Karma points…pffft). If you you find that one thing that helps, please let me know (I get your tweets sent to my phone, btw). I’ll walk my happy ass all the way to your house just to get it. ;)

    Big hugs!

  3. Jennyjinx
    January 21st, 2011 | 10:33 pm

    As usual, please ignore my typos. I’m going to go ahead and blame the FMS for those too.

  4. Kelly
    January 21st, 2011 | 10:46 pm

    Hey, look! Both my Jennifer buddies comment within moments of one another!

    @kicknknit… I had one session once. I don’t know that it helped any. But I’d be willing to try it again. Know someone good? I’ve done acupuncture before for other things… my chiropractor is looking to add an acupuncturist to his practice. I’ll try that, too. I did sign up for a tai chi class; maybe that will help.

    @Jennyjinx… I was doing that dozing thing over the holidays. Even Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton couldn’t keep me awake some days. I blame the added stress of Mackenzie’s birthday. I’m pretty sure my family was wishing I’d get my own apartment for Xmas; god, was I a bitch. And you KNOW if I find something that works, you’ll be the first to know! Please don’t walk here though. :) That’s way too far for a stroll. And I noticed I hadn’t seen you on FB. Or Twitter, for that matter. Frown, sistah. Frown. ;-) Hugs back at ya!