I’m not referring to Spamalot, the stage version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  I’m referring to spam, the scourge of the Internet.

I’ve been getting a lot of interesting comments on my art blog.  And by “interesting,” I mean “Holy crap, are people ever stupid!”  For example, there are a lot of comments saying something to the effect of “great post, lots of great information here.”  Yeah, except there really isn’t any information.  All I’m posting is a picture of a great work of art.  Another example is the troll who commented some general blah blah blah and then only a few second later, on a different post using a different email address but the same website link a comment that I really should be moderating the comments.  Ya think?  Also… hello?  Akismet… catching all your dumb shit.

There are the usual spam comments in foreign language… Russian is the most prevalent, but I did get one in German the other day and one in Spanish a few days before that.  There are spam comments that are nothing but word salad…  I think I’d have to be on some serious drugs to make sense of them.  A few of the comments are nothing but links.  One of the commenters offered to provide in-depth information on mountaineering… this relates to abstract art… how?  Then there are the people who are having problems seeing the website (or claiming they’re having problems)… listen, I’ve tested it on FireFox, Chrome and IE.  Everything is beautiful.  I’m not going to diagnose your browser issues.  I don’t even do that at work anymore.

My favorite one all week?  Thanks for the post, do you have any other similar related posts? Do I have any similar related posts?  Really?  Are you serious?  You’ve landed on my ART BLOG and you wonder if there are any similar posts?  Yep, you’ll stay in the bit bucket, baby.

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