These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

NaBloPoMo Day 30

I’ve got a lot of blogs and websites and web comics in my RSS feed.  And for this last day of NaBloPoMo, I thought I’d share some of them with you.

In the Art category, two of my favorite blogs are dot art and The Art of Madelaine.  Dotartdude creates fabulously colorful square abstract paintings with dots.  I know that sounds kind of odd, but I just love his art!  Madelaine paints the most wonderfully delicate watercolors of birds (and I don’t even like birds!) and fantastic other stuff, too.

There are three comics that make my week: xkcd, Girl Genius and Jesus and Mo.  xkcd is, as the site proclaims, “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language.”  Every once in a while, the math ones have me scratching my head, but mostly I get it.  I love being a geek.  Girl Genius is a steampunk comic.  Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of steampunk.  In fact, the only reason I started reading it is because I’d met Phil Foglio a time or two at science fiction conventions a long, long time ago and have always liked his art.  Now, I’m hooked on the story he and Kaja have created!  Jesus and Mo is a tongue-in-cheek look at how organized religion can be just a little bit silly sometimes.  I have a crush on Barmaid.

And how about some of the people I follow?  They’re interesting, educational, entertaining and/or hysterically funny.  Sometimes all at once!  There’s John Scalzi at Whatever, Wil Wheaton at WWdN: In Exile, TJ at Temerity Jane, and Jim at Stonekettle Station.  Scalzi is a Famous Author.  He writes some science fiction stuff as if he’s channeling Robert A. Heinlein (only better) and then he writes science fiction stuff that is really, really funny.  Read his books, read his blog… you will like it.  Wil… yes, it is the same Wil Wheaton of Wesley Crusher infamy… but don’t judge him by that!  He’s a smart guy who is also very funny.  Listen to his podcasts!  Watch him in The Big Bang Theory (the Evil Wil Wheaton is outstanding!) and The Guild.  TJ is a real person kind of like me only way different who manages to say something just about every day to make me think, or make me laugh, or at the very least make me comment!  Jim lives in a place I wouldn’t live if you paid me millions of dollars. (I have nothing against Alaska except the weather… but, oh!  What weather!)  He’s intelligent, has strong opinions (which often make me stop and read his posts several times and just think about what he says) and is an artist!  He makes the most wonderful wooden birdhouses on his lathe.  I know they’re wonderful because I have one in my house.  (Why would I share a piece of art like that with birds??)

I have dozens more in my RSS feed.  These are just the shiny tip of the iceberg.  And they’re not the ones that will sink your ship if you wander too close in the dark.  No, for that, there is Basement Cat.

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