Stuff I Don’t Want to Do

NaBloPoMo Day 25

As a homeowner, I have the opportunity to do many things I have no real interesting in doing.

  • I could paint the inside or the outside of my house.  Some people think that I would enjoy doing this, because painting large expanses of walls and ceilings is just like painting on canvas or paper.  Except that it isn’t at all the same, because large expanses of walls and doors are generally painted a single (often boring) color and when I paint on canvas I use many interesting colors.  So, yeah.  Not even close to being the same.  Therefore, I go hire somebody to do the boring bits on walls and ceilings.
  • I could replace carpeting and tile, or refinish the hardwood floors.  I watched my father refinish some of floors in the house I grew up in.  There’s no way I’m getting involved in that mess.  I’ve laid my share of tiles, and feel like I’ve had enough fun with that medium.  And I hurt just thinking about wrestling with carpeting.  Again, I’ll just hire somebody to do all of this.  Except for the floor refinishing… I’m not living with that mess, and the floors can stay the way they are.  Or I’ll hire somebody to carpet over them.
  • I could fix all the quirky little electrical problems one finds in a house that’s over a century old.  These are simple things like replacing light fixtures and outlets and light switches.  But I’ve always hated dealing with electricty.  Sure, I know how to do all that stuff.  Doesn’t mean I want to do all that stuff.  Again… give someone else a job!
  • I could deal with the annoying plumbing problems that sneak into a house of this age.  Oddly, I’m more likely to actually tackle a plumbing problem than any other.  I’ve fixed leaky pipes and replaced a few toilets in my day.  Sadly, it isn’t a lack of interest or desire that has me hiring these jobs out.  It’s the increasing amount of pain in my person causing a decrease in the strength needed to wrestle with tight fittings.
  • I could mow the lawn, clear the weeds and trim the bushes outside.  I actually get my Spousal Unit to mow the lawn on a somewhat regular basis, but the rest of it just doesn’t get done.  I’m thinking, come spring, I’ll hire someone to take care of that, too.

Huh.  I’d probably be just as happy as an apartment-dweller… except for the probability of noisy neighbors.

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