Spam Comments Can Be Funny

NaBloPoMo Day 27

I don’t get many spam comments compared to other blogs, simply because I don’t have the traffic that other blogs do.  Most of the spam is pretty boring stuff.  But every once it a while, there will be one that makes me wonder what drugs the commenter was taking, or one that makes me snicker a bit.

For example, the other day a spammer asked, “What about the illegal [aliens] that make money here?”

Well, let me go on record as saying there is absolutely no one making any money here on my blog.  Certainly there are no illegal aliens making money on my blog.  There aren’t even any legal aliens making money here on my blog.  (And think about it… why would beings from other planets care about Earth money anyway?)  There are no legal or illegal non-aliens making money, either.  I hope that sets everyone’s mind at ease.

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