The Big Bang Theory

I don’t generally watch much television.  It isn’t just because most of the shows hold no interest for me.  Mostly, it’s because the commercials make me want to throw things at the television that are likely to damage the television beyond repair.  I’ve never watched The Big Bang Theory before this week, but I did DVR it so I could watch the commercials fast-forward their insignificant little lives away.  After just a few minutes of watching the show, I managed to dislike the character Sheldon quite a bit.  But why did I bother watching the show this week?  Ahhh… because Wil Wheaton was a guest star, and I do rather like Wil Wheaton.  Most of the episode was kind of silly, but the Delightfully Evil Wil Wheaton sure did pwn the annoying Sheldon!

Delightfully Evil Wil Wheaton FTW!  (Glad to hear your Nanna is doing well.)

I Have Russian Friends

And my Russian friends are awesome people.  But you idiots who are spamming me from Russian domains?  Yeah, you suck.  You just need to go away.  Stop asking your ridiculous questions, stop trying to make inane comments that have no bearing on anything I’ve ever posted on this blog (or any of my other blogs), stop with the comments that are nothing but two dozen links in a Cyrillic font.  Good grief… grow up.  And go away.

Thank goodness for Akismet.