Why, Microsoft? Why?

Why do you want me to install updates every 48 hours?  Why?  Once a week should be WAY more than enough.  But no.  I install updates, and two days later there that annoying exclamation point in a shield on my Sleep button, yelling at me that pressing the ever-so-handy Sleep button will not send my laptop to sleep.  No, no… instead, pressing the no-longer-handy-at-all no-longer-Sleep button installs updates and then shuts down my computer.  This would not be a completely bad thing if it only happened once or twice a month… but every TWO DAYS??

Why, Microsoft?  WHY, for the love of all that’s holy??

This Vista nonsense was not a good idea.  Damn you, Microsoft.

2 Responses to “Why, Microsoft? Why?”

  1. September 14th, 2009 | 7:00 pm

    As an Apple enthusiast I can assure you that they’re not much better. Between apps and updates my poor computer here is downloading 24/7. Oh, gotta run – update time!
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  2. Kelly
    September 14th, 2009 | 9:20 pm

    Mr. Aerten is a Mac Evangelist and likes to pretend Macs are SOOOOO much better than Win-PCs. But I do hear him grumbling every now and again about updates… and his last OS upgrade took a very long time, and he was on the phone with Apple support for what seemed like hours.

    Damn, there goes my PC again… talk to you after the updates!