Ohio Is Excellent!

I recently drove from Albany, NY to the far western suburbs of Chicago (the area between Geneva and Bolingbrook, to be precise).  I discovered a few things about driving I-90 across all those states.

  • Western New York is very large and very tedious.
  • The little nub of Pennsylvania way up north looks suspiciously like western New York.
  • Ohio has the nicest rest areas.
  • Indiana has the highest speed limit at 70mph.
  • Illinois has built a million new roads since I moved away in 1989.

The drive between Albany and the Chicago area took about 14 hours, with construction and rush hour traffic on I-88 accounting for about 45 minutes of the trip.  When that nonsense happens after one as already been driving for 13+ hours, it gets painful.  I had managed to forget that it’s always construction season in Chicagoland.  The return trip only took 13 hours.

I noticed that Ohio drivers are the most polite and considerate I’ve come across, while drivers in Indiana are even more rude than New York drivers.  At first, I didn’t want to believe it… but after the eighth person cut me off in the first 30 minutes of being in the state, I had to accept the fact that New Yorkers are not the worst drivers.  There was one notable exception… a young man in an F10 pickup truck with whom I played leap frog between Cleveland and Toledo.  Thanks for letting me back into the fast moving lane after that 18-wheeler cut me off.

(Oh, and contrary to what you may have heard, Boston drivers aren’t the worst either.  They’re just the most insane.)

It rained nearly the entire trip on the westward journey.  It snowed much of the way back.  Which brings me to another negative point about Indiana… they forgot they had snow plows and salt trucks.  Not one millimeter of the eastbound highway had been cleared.  Compare this to Ohio, where there was a slighly smaller than one-mile stretch that was kind of messy.

(You see?  Ohio is completely excellent!)

We had a bit of a scare in Pennsylvania on the way back.  Between Erie and the PA-NY border, we drove through a raging blizzard.  I’d like to offer a bit of friendly advice to the individual who spun out in front of me, slid across the adjacent lane of traffic in front of that 18-wheeler and would up sideways in the ditch… do not EVER slam on your brakes on an icy road!  Are you crazy??!?

While the drive was long and, at times, unpleasant, I’d still do it again… because it’s still not as bad as flying.  And I’m sure I will do it again… maybe next fall before there’s much of a chance to encounter snow.

Next time… the adventures I had while in Chicago!

4 Responses to “Ohio Is Excellent!”

  1. Paul
    November 18th, 2008 | 10:01 am


    Where were you? JJ and the gang(15 or so) partied at Windy City on Friday. A lot of Amundsen people showed up. They knew Carlos so they may have known you. Maybe next time…

  2. Kelly
    November 18th, 2008 | 10:39 am

    Paul… by the time I got to Kevin’s house, I was ready to drop. I wasn’t sure I could handle Chicago expressways after driving that distance! So I just collapsed and hung out with him and his family for a while.

    Next time, though!! I’ll plan a longer visit so I have a day to rest before having to deal with 355 (which, by the way, is CRAP).

  3. November 18th, 2008 | 6:22 pm

    Your title – Blah Blah Blah » Ohio Is Excellent! – caught my eye on the google blogsearch page. Just goes to show you how important good titles are! ;-) I’ve added blahblah.aerten.com to my reader, so I can see what else you come up with

  4. Kelly
    November 20th, 2008 | 9:33 pm

    Binwah… oh, now I feel such pressure to be great! LOL Thanks, welcome, and I hope you enjoy whatever weird things come out of my head in the future.