Mario Carts Is Evil

One of the things I did while visiting friends and family in the Chicago area this past weekend was experience my friend’s Wii.  I learned that I bowl better left-handed on the Wii than I do right-handed with an actual bowling ball.  I also discovered that Mario Carts makes me dizzy and nauseous… I need to take Dramamine if I’m going to play that game.

I don’t have a Wii, but I might want to get one.  Perhaps.  Possibly.  Everyone tells me that it’s great fun, and I did experience that for myself.  Now I just need to be convinced the Wii Fit is tons of fun and I’ll be all set.

We also played a lot of card games.  By “a lot” I mean three different kinds of games.  The first one was Skip-Bo, which the alleged adults played while the Offspring and her best friend continued their mad Mario racing.  Ski-bo is definitely in the same category (i.e., fun) as Uno and Phase Ten.  Upon returning to my brother’s house that evening, I observed my brother, sister-in-law and some of their neighbors playing Hand and Foot.  The game wasn’t as interesting as the good-natured banter going around the table.  We finished off the evening with a round of Golf (the non-solitaire card game).  Despite having no idea what I was doing, I did rather well.

After the neighbors left, we settled down to watch First Knight.  I can’t remember who chose the movie, but I’m going to find a way to get even.  Despite the appearances of both Sean Connery and Richard Gere, I’ve put this in the “never watch this movie again” category.  The writers and director trashed the Arthurian legend so thoroughly I nearly wept.

Next: a second day of fun!

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