We Interrupt the Pirates

And let me tell you, interrupting pirates is something you do if you’re ready to take your life in your hands. Pirates do not like to be interrupted. However, they’re just going to have to get over it, because I have to tell you about Claire’s visit!

Claire had been text messaging me from the motor coach that smelled like vomit, and losing the cell phone signals as she passed through the Berkshire so-called Mountains. Interestingly, Amtrak misrepresented the truth about when the bus would arrive in the Albany area. Oh, yes… it was an hour early. (AN HOUR, people… that’s not just interesting, but freaky and completely unheard of.) So I was still sitting here at my computer when I got a text message from Claire saying she’d arrived. Whoa. And that, despite the fact that she’d taken a bus, she was at the train station. (To be honest, it’s easier to get to, even though it’s across the river and ever so slightly farther away.)

So I fetch the fabulous Claire and returned to stately Aerten Manor, where she had the opportunity to meet Mr. Aerten and the Aerten Cats (we may have to start up a 50s-era band with that name). Girl Cat sensed that Claire did not live with cats and immediately pegged her as furniture potential. As the weekend progressed, Girl Cat did, indeed, make herself at home on Claire’s lap. Sunday night, I introduced Claire to an Albany landmark, Bombers Burritos.

Ah, you should all be jealous if you haven’t had the chance to meet Claire yet. She is very, VERY funny and has super powers. (I’m not completely sure what her super powers are, but she got me to stay up well past my bedtime — until midnight! — both nights she stayed. Amazing.)

On Monday, we drove up to Fort Ticonderoga where the British and the Americans had a couple of slight misunderstandings. The important part of the history seemed to be that the British drove the French off. We met Redbeard and his family up there. (OMG, more fabulously cool people… and who could resist the most charming little two-year-old since my very own Offspring?) Rigorous scientific observations led us to the conclusion that the tour guide at the Fort is an Elf. After deep philosophical conversation (which Redbeard alluded to in his post) and picture-taking of the Fort, Lake Champlain and the surrounding countryside, we all shuffled off to a diner in town where I had a heck of a good veggie burger. There was a witch’s cauldron hanging from the eaves outside. Hmmm.

Parting ways from the Redbeard family, Claire and I drove south again in the general direction of Albany. We made a slight detour at The Sagamore at Bolton Landing to take even more pictures, this time of Lake George. (We laughed a lot more as we naughtily mocked rich people. Tsk.) And don’t listen to what Claire says… it WAS cold.

After arriving in Albany, I introduced Claire to my chorus. Everyone was giddy with excitement when they thought she was a potential new member, and their hopes where dashed when she explained she was from England. As several members admitted, that would be a hell of a commute every Monday night. Several songs were sung, Claire declared them lovely… which was extremely kind on her part, as some of the bits the men were singing made me want to jump out of my skin. Oy, we still need some practice.

As if Monday didn’t already contain enough fun, we went off to see a movie, Ghost Town. OMG, that was a seriously FUNNY movie! And it was awesome to see it with someone who found all the same funny bits I did. (Sometimes, Mr. Aerten just does not get my sense of humor. Poor guy.) And then we stayed up until midnight again.

On Tuesday, we were going to drive up to Saratoga to visit one of the best Irish Pubs in the area, but we sadly ran out of time. Instead, we had lunch at Panera Bread, where Claire experienced, for the very first time, eating soup out of a bowl made from bread. But all too soon, it was time to take her back to the train station for her bus ride back to Boston.

If you ever have the opportunity to met the lovely Claire in person, do not hesitate… just do it. You will be happier for the experience.

4 Responses to “We Interrupt the Pirates”

  1. September 25th, 2008 | 7:46 am

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  2. September 25th, 2008 | 9:08 am

    Well done! Yes, Claire’s superpowers include making computers die and resurrect within hours of her arrival! High Priestess of Sorcery, she is.

    Ah, the Sagamore. Launching pad of Rachael Ray. Getaway for the rich and famous (SPAC performers typically stay there whilst in the region). It has its own episode of Samantha Brown’s Great American Hotels. (I watch far too much television.)

    I can’t wait to see Ghost Town. On a similar note, Run Fatboy Run finally released on DVD in America. Really, what took them so long? (I could have had a pirated copy from Jayne, another English maaayyyyte 6 months ago.

    Redbeard76′s last blog post..Storming the Fort

  3. September 25th, 2008 | 6:26 pm

    That sounded like so much fun. Too bad I’m part of a continent away. Some day I hope to meet both you and Claire in real life. Some day.

    haleyhughes’s last blog post..Wrath Doodle

  4. Kelly
    September 25th, 2008 | 7:19 pm

    @Redbeard… Oh, the computer super powers! I totally forgot about those. And yes… too much TV, sir! LOL

    @Haley… I’m working on getting out there in November. :)