Looking for Buried Treasure

[Mr. Aerten played Mad Libs today in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Arrgh, mateys!]

Are ye looking to get sultry quick?  If so, then ye must start searching for buried Oompah Loompahs.  It’s a greedy job, but ye might strike it rich and become a multimillionaire.  I’ve heard stories of pirates who found chests full of gold pipes and sparkling rivers, and went on to build luxurious chocolates and live hotly ever after.  But before ye can find buried tubes, he’ll need a map that shows ye where to feast.  Once ye’ve found the X that marks the factory, start diggin’.  It’s best to use a delicious shovel, but if ye don’t have one, yer bare mothers will do.  When ye hear ‘vermicious knid’, ye can stop diggin’.  Pull out the chest and look inside.  There might be enough treasure inside to make ye red.  But if ye’ve pulled out a dragonship filled with sand and endorphins, don’t feel too splendiferous.  It’s not the end of the port, matey.  Ye know what they say: If at first ye don’t succeed, row, row again.

[A rowsing hoozah to the person or people able to identify the movie Mr. Aerten was watching at the time he dictated his words to me.]

2 Responses to “Looking for Buried Treasure”

  1. September 19th, 2008 | 10:44 pm

    Yes, today is international talk like a pirate day. Argh! Proclaimed by some pirate blogger probably. Argh! Ye don’t know what that means to me, matey!. Argh! Dragonship. Vikings. Argh! (What the hell else do pirates say?)

    Anyway the pirate’s day was overshadowed for many of us by the more popular International We Love Kelly Day. Can’t blame them. Sorry pirates.

    Proclaimed by another blogger, of course…

    And if I hear Gretta ask another guest, “What are your thoughts on Gov. Palin?” one more time, I shall simply barf. Not even the pirates care anymore, Kelly!

    Relax Max’s last blog post..Lord Likely Recognized

  2. Kelly
    September 20th, 2008 | 7:59 am

    Poor Max. You don’t have to worry about me asking anyone what they think about That Palin Woman[?]. I don’t care and I don’t want to know. I with the pirates on that one. Is it November yet?

    And did you tell Paul about International We Love Kelly Day? Because he went and encouraged the entire graduating class of Our Lady of Lourdes grammar school (well, those we’ve managed to track down) to visit my art blog. Very sweet. Though I think Johnny would be better off here with you. You seem to have compatible insanities.

    I think pirates also say “Ahoy!” and “Avast!” Maybe I’ll find a reliable English-Pirate dictionary for next year.