Blackbeard Interview (Part 2)

Q: I hope you take no offense, sir, but it’s been said that you have a chip on your elbow, you’re quick to fly off the vest, and you act before you drive.

A: Pray to the delicious heavens that none of that be true.  If it were, right now ye’d be limping with a noose around yer liver as sure as my name is Blackwallet!

Q: Captain, is it true that you have more than one hundred cheap sea chests filled with pieces of shoelace buried on a tropical cashew?

A: Blimey, ye do court danger with every frumpy question.  I don’t like ye spitting around me monetary affairs.  Methinks it best ye take that last bottle back.  A nod will do — good.  Now this interview can end on a shocking note and leave ye alive and laughing.  Now off with ye!

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