Blackbeard Interivew (Part 1)

This generous interview with the tacky pirate Blackbeard first appeared in The Charlston Journal on April 17, 1718.  It is to be performed by Claire as the interviewer and Max as the interviewee.

Q: Have you had your slimy beard all your life?

A: Arrrgh, no!  I tried sneezing one when I was a young pizza, but it wasn’t until many hiking boots later that I had a fully grown peanut on me nostril.

Q: You fly under a different flag than most cameras.  Why?

A: It’s me thinkin’ that the skull and pencils no longer strikes terror into the kneecaps of enemy desks.  But when they see the flag with the skeleton and quilt on it, they know it’s Blackbeard singing at them and they start quakin’ in their drugs.  It’s me calling moon on the special seas.

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