The Skinny

So, here’s the deal with this blog. If I have the urge to participate in a meme, this is where I do it. If I need to rant and rave about something that yanks my chain, this is where I do it. If I ever decided to smoke crack and write about my experience, I’m sure this is where I’d do it. I don’t post here every day. I post on my art blog every day.

I just moved over from Blogger today. Maybe it’s because I’ve already gone through the process with my art blog, but it was even easier this time around. Of course, this blog had virtually no traffic and hardly any posts compared to the art blog. Blogger has been a tad annoying lately, and now that I’m putting up an EC widget here, it’s the best time.

Coming soon: that Adobe rant. You may have read it on the EC forum, but if you didn’t… stick around.

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