Outlook 2007

I like having all my stuff in one place, which is why I like Outlook. Up until recently, I really liked Outlook. But Outlook 2007 is the devil. You cannot turn off Junk Mail filtering. Oh, it says you can, but it lies. I set the Junk Mail options to “no automatic filtering” (which you’d think would turn it off) and have absolutely no addresses in the blocked addresses list. I even have a list of addresses in the safe senders list… and guess what? Outlook is declaring them junk mail!

If you go to Microsoft’s website, they’ll cheerfully tell you how to set the junk mail options to “no automatic filtering.” I can’t call them or send them a support request without paying them $49. WTF??? Geez, at least Adobe will talk to me and let me send them notes for free.

I don’t need junk mail filtering in Outlook. I use vqME, which rocks at filtering out spam. Anything that gets sucked into Outlook ought to go into the Inbox. But noooo…

If anyone out there knows how to tame Outlook 2007, I’d love to hear about.

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