You. Off My Planet.

What is it with people who can’t seem to actually use their brains?

It’s snowing here. It’s been snowing here since right around the time I got home from work. It’s that kind of snow that is very messy; little teensy flakes that make the roads miserable. Unfortunately, since FedEx can’t deliver packages to my house when I’m actually here, I had to go to the local FedEx facility. (And as a separate rant, I have to mention that Airborne won’t deliver here when I’m home either, and UPS sometimes will.)

To get from my house in Albany to the local FedEx facility in Menands, I traverse a couple of major city streets, though at this time of day (around 6pm), they’re generally not terribly busy. (That would be Clinton Ave and Broadway, for those of you who care.) Indeed, with the weather as miserable as it was, there were even fewer cars on the roads than usual.

However, there were a few other cars. We were all driving carefully. Props to all of us, I say!

It was the pedestrians who had death wishes.

Yes. Let’s walk across the street on a dark, snowy night… not quite at the crosswalk… against the light… wearing dark, non-reflective clothing. Did I say walk? Oh, I’m sorry. I meant saunter. Or… is there any kind of perambulation that’s slower than a saunter? Yeah, that’s what they were doing.

Saints preserve us (as Chief O’Hara used to say)! (And that’s actually kind of funny, seeing as I now work at Siena College, home of the Saints. But I digress.)

I don’t wish most people ill. (I do sometimes make exceptions for rabidly homophobic persons, though.) I don’t even wish these morons ill. But if they manage to get themselves hurt tonight, it’s not going to be anyone’s fault but their own.

Good grief.

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