Family and Marriage

I am pro-family. I am pro-marriage.

Now, before you get all giddy thinking I’m off to vote for Hucklebee, let me just say that I’m pro-family, and it’s up to each individual family to define what works for them. If Heather has two mommies, good for her. If she got two daddies, or a mommy and a daddy, or mommy and daddy and step-mom and step-dad… whatever. Is Heather a loved little girl? Yes? Then that’s family.

And marriage! I am married. To a man. I know… shocking. Let me do a little reality check here. If my friends Mike and Ed got married, how would that affect my marriage? Uhm. Nope, no effect. How about if Cheryl and Martha got married? Hmmm. Nope again. I would so love to see them be able to get married! I would love to see them have all the rights and privileges and responsibilities that I have.

Some people say God doesn’t like these things. I’m here to tell ya, I’ve chatted with Her and She’s totally cool with it. So let’s get with the program, eh? Let’s worry about things that are bringing about the downfall of civilization… global warming, war, poverty, famine, disease, rudeness.

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