Roses are Red…

from Monday’s a Bitch

Who would you cast in your ideal romantic comedy?
Brendan Frasier and Sarah Michelle Geller. Yes, a weird combination. But seriously… it could work!

What is your favorite new millennium love ballad?
I don’t have a favorite love ballad for the new millennium. While I could pick Josh Groban as a favorite singer of love ballads for the new millennium, my favorite song by him would be O Holy Night, which isn’t exactly a long song.

What’s your opinion on public displays of affection? Where does the line get drawn between acceptable and gross?
Oh, just get a room. Holding hands is fine, I have no problem with that. But sucking face is better done in private. And those heterosexual couples are way worse than the gays and lesbians, I don’t care what the Religious Right says.

What do you think of giving gifts to family members on Valentine’s Day? Did you get gifts or candy from your parents as a child?
I never got Valentine’s Day gifts from anyone as a child. Is this a recent phenomenon, or was my family even more dysfunctional than I remember? I think there’s too much gift giving going on in our culture and not enough loving and caring going on. Just my opinion.

Love and cuddles are great and all, but what sentimental gesture makes you want to throw up?
I can’t recall any sentimental gesture that’s made me want to throw up. Apparently, I’ve only ever dated sensible people. Which is not a bad thing, by the way.

One Response to “Roses are Red…”

  1. September 4th, 2010 | 9:48 pm

    Wow, Josh Groban just has the most amazing voice ever! It’s just so angelic and pure… His version of “you lift me up” is my constant inspiration!