Page 123

First seen on Alan’s blog and referenced on Haley Hughes’ blog as well. Normally, I’d put a book meme on my book blog, but what the heck! I’m feeling wild and crazy tonight.

1. Pick up the book nearest you
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the following 3 sentences
5. Tag five others

The book nearest me (out of at least a dozen within reaching distance) is Rachel Caine’s Thin Air. Here’s what comes up:

Not hurt? She had to be kidding. I rolled slowly on my side and worked my way up to a sitting position, bracing myself with my arms.

Darn. I love Caine’s books, and I sorely want to read this one NOW. But I have to finish #3 in the series first. (Thin Air is #6. Yes. I know. But if you read my book blog, you’ll know I read #4 and #5 already, and #3 was caught in some black hole at Booksfree.) Oh, and I have two books to finish reading for class, too. And I want to finish Nobody’s Fool before I release it for the nice Bookcrosser I promised I’d release it for. Priorities, priorities.

But first, Boy-Cat thinks he needs more food (he doesn’t) and I need more sleep. I must disabuse him of his silly notions, and fetch me up some slumber.

Oh, and if you want to consider yourself tagged… go for it.

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