Over on that’s my answer today, one of Indigo’s questions was “What’s your favorite comic strip?” My first thought was, “Yay! Fun question!” My subsequent thoughts were all to the tune of, “How the heck can I pick A favorite?”

I mean, there’s Doonesbury with wicked political humor. And Cathy with her “that is so like real life” humor. And Maxine is my favorite cynic. You can’t go wrong with Calvin and Hobbes, and Bloom County is just plain crazy fun. Oh, and let’s not forget Dilbert, my personal hero. And those are just the ones you can find in a newspaper.

Mike’s got a list of online comics he reads every day, and I have to wonder if it doesn’t take him all morning to read them. Personally, I just follow two online comics (though some of the above can also be found online): xkcd and Jesus and Mo. xkcd is brainiac humor (and I have to admit sometimes the math jokes are a little beyond me). Jesus and Mo is… well, I could say it’s religious humor, but that doesn’t really cover it. Some, I’m sure, would consider it irreverant. But it cracks me up.

I’ll narrow it down to two favorites then: Dilbert and Jesus and Mo. Yay! Fun!

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