TV and Cable and Electronics, Oh My

Recently, we acquired a new (and much larger) television. (Thank you, Ruth! You rock!) Of course, we had to use the stand that came with the television because (1) it looks better and (2) the television didn’t fit on the current entertainment center. Because we had to use the television’s integrated stand, we had to get rid of the entertainment center because both items could not occupy the same space. (Physics is weird that way sometimes.) But we’ve got entirely too many components to fit in/on the new stand. Can you see where this is going? Yes. A new rack for the components. Fortunately, I found a very spiffy-looking one at Target.

Putting it together was surprisingly non-stressful. The instruction were written in clear and understandable English (always helpful for those of us whose native tongue is English and are a wee bit compulsive about following instructions). I had the stand put together in no time. (A misnomer, of course, as everything takes time. Unless you’re talking about quantum physics, but let’s not get to the oh my god, my head hurts stage.)

Then came the task of putting the components on the rack. Being the geek that I am, I had labeled every cable, cord and plug as I removed items from the old entertainment center. So things went back together rather effortlessly. That’s not to say things actually worked, however. No. The cable box was acting wonky, giving only three or four stations to choose from. Of these three or four stations, only one was worthy of my attention (the local public television station). No Sci Fi channel??! Oh, this so does not work for me!

After half an hour on the phone with a nice lady at Time Warner Cable, we determined that the cable box had finally bitten the dust. Sadness abounds. But hooking the cable co-axial right into the new television set got me up to channel 78 or so, which is fine on a temporary basis… Sci Fi is channel 53. Delightfully, everything else worked fine and I celebrated by watching an episode of The X-Files on DVD.

Turned in the old cable box yesterday. They gave me a new one that is essentially the same, just slightly smaller. The remote was the best part… not only is it new and shiny (shiny = good), but I can read all the words and numbers and letters! (For the past year, I’ve been guessing where the Guide button was. I don’t watch cable enough to remember it was the blue one on the left. Sometimes I would press the blue one on the right, which, as it turns out, is the Info button.) I celebrated again by watching another two episodes of The X-Files. (I’m on Disk 1 of Season 5. All hail to Netflix.)

Maybe I’ll attach the LD and CD players tonight. After all, I have another two DVDs of The X-Files to celebrate with.

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