An Adventure in Sleep

So, I need to have this sleep study done, right? First, they make me go off my anti-depressant for nigh unto three weeks. That was pretty much hell. By last Friday, I was definitely doing the mental breakdown thing, so the nice people at the sleep center moved my tests up a week. Yay.

I arrive at 8:30 pm and they wire me up. You’re wondering how they attach those wires, aren’t you? Yeah, I thought so. The easy ones they just stick on with what looks like my foam mounting tape. The ones on my scalp, however… big goopy globs of pasty stuff. Ugh. Once I’m all wired up, I sit a read for a little while… then it’s time to sleep.

Let me just say, that was the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in years. The bed was acceptably firm, and I’d brought my own pillow, but I’m pretty sure they were trying to kill me by hypothermia. And you think I could get comfortable with all those wires stuck to me? Of course not. I finally did fall asleep, but woke up more often than I normally do. I was seriously cranky. When morning arrived and the tech came along to wake me up, I was groggy, tired and hurt like the dickens.

I had to stay through the day and take five naps spaced two hours apart. They removed some of the wires so I could wander around. Big hairy deal. The goop on my head was grossing me out. But I read… did some of my arts & crafts… and studied my music between naps. I was so happy to be able to go home! Of course, I don’t get to find out the results of the test for a month.

Went I got home, I think I took the longest shower of my life and used half a bottle of shampoo to get the goop out of my hair. Ok, I might be exaggerating a little, but not by much. Happily, I have been able to start taking my anti-depressants again, so perhaps I’ll be a better person soon.

I’m not doing that again. Ew. Gross. No way.

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